Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bonus Christmas Card Collection

This is the bonus set of cards that folks who got in on our amazing sale a few weeks ago. Pretty nifty, eh?

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Time is running out for the last little bits of my huge grand opening sale. Act now, so you don't have regrets later!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

PREVIEW: Bonus boy book!

Time and spaces are running out to get our BIG SALE SPECIAL!

We still have plenty enough kits to go around, but a limited number of the FREE Boy Book. At 11:59 on Wednesday, the sale goes away...and so does your chance to get this Limited Edition book for FREE! This book will not be released for sale until Summer 2009, and maybe even never.

Only the first 15 pages are shown, you know, to keep the mystery alive. Ha!

Here is a link to the sale page:

ACT NOW to save more than 75% AND get your FREE Bonus gifts!

PS: Click the image above to see 'em bigger!


Sorry, folks, I forgot to list the link to the big sale.

You only have about 36 hours left...act fast!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

The REAL sale dates!

I made a mistake.

Hey guys, I don't know where my head has been! I put the wrong dates on the post for my latest sale at Silverlake. The sale days are actually January 12-14...

I will have a link to the sale later tonight!

Thanks for your patience and understanding!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Just a taste!

Not quite sure you want to buy ALL of the Sugar Designworks Photoshop Templates? Why not try just a taste? This set includes 9 of our most popular downloads..try a few for the special introductory price of only $99! (you save $85!)

Your set will be sent directly to you through the US Postal Service on a DVD. Shipping IS included in the price of the sale. Since this set is SO huge, it is not available for download- it will ONLY be sent on DVD.

Click here to buy:

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The books have arrived!

I made the time to index the press printed books I have designed to go with the Wonderful Whimsey set and the Rich & Rustic set. Each book is designed as a flat press printed book from WHCC...however, I have had each book printed as a 5x5 regular print for the studio and they came out so darn cute!

Each book was designed with Senior's in mind, but they work equally well for kids and families.

As with all of my designs, everything is fully can recolor, move, resize, whatever you need to do to make my designs work with YOUR images.

At this time my albums are not available for individual purchase...however, they ARE included in our special Grande Opening Sales Packages. I will be doing specials throughout the rest of January- so keep watching, there will be some GREAT deals!


I think this world would benefit from being more whimsical. This set is great for all your girlie-girls, young and old alike.

This set includes:
(1) 411/Mommy card
(1) 5x7 flat card

20 page press printed album

Click here to order:

or search under Sugar Template


More Shabby Chic! I just can't get enough of this style of stuff- I really love the throw back look of this set. This is also my largest set of designs...guess this style made me feel extra creative!

Set includes:
(1) 10x20
(1) 10x30
(1) 20x24
(1) 411/Mommy Card
(1) 5x7 folded card
(1) wallet montage
(1) 16x20

Click here to purchase:

Tattoo my heart

I just love retro stuff. AND Tattoos are kewl.

Set includes:
(1) Wallet Montage
(1) 5x7 flat card
(1) 10x20 montage
(1) 3 panel portfolio

Click here to purchase:

Rich and Rustic

Rich & Rustic makes me feel cozy and warm, ready to settle in for a snuggle by the fire...warm up some cider and you are ready to roll!

Set includes:
(1) 411/Mommy Card
(1) 5x7 flat card

Coming soon:
20 side press printed book
5x7 Christmas cards

Click here to order:

Rocketeer Junior Academy

Every boy has daydreamed about the great beyond. Make a red satin cape, grab some cool swim goggles and you are ready for a stellar special!

Set includes:
(1) 5x5 folded invitation
(3) wallet montages/trading cards
(1) 10x20 montage
(1) 16x20 montage

COMING SOON: Rocketeer ID cards (hehe!)

Click here to order:

Vive la Revolution!

Everybody loves Shabby Chic, right? Then the French Revolution set is JUST for you. A special feature of this set is the layered stripes...don't love pink? It's easy to change the stripes to any pastel color you want!

Set includes:
(1) 5x7 folded card
(1) 3 panel portfolio
(1) 10x30 montage -9 opening.

Click here to order:

Kinda Fruity

We all know someone who just loves vintage stuff. Why not create vintage fruit labels with their image included? This set of three 16x20 montages are ready for your special images. Why not have a special to highlight these me, they sell like hotcakes!

Included in this set:
(3) 16x20 montages
can easily be downsized to make greeting cards...imagine the possibilities!

Click here to purchase:

Moulin Rouge

Celebrate your whimsical side with these rich templates inspired by the movie Moulin Rouge.

This set includes:
(1) 411/Mommy card
(1) 5x7 Flat Card
(1) 3 Panel 10x10 portfolio
(1) Wallet Montage

Click here to order: